Monday, 23 December 2013

Dee-J Phe Presents- Mood Hut Mix 9

Dee-J Phe Presents- Mood Hut Mix 9

Well it has been a huge first year for Libra Mix. What started as a small soundcloud page over at has expanded to a webpage independent of soundcloud with over 23 hits per day in just 6 months. While it's hard for us to fathom the runaway success of we are remaining humble and with our feet on the ground. Trying to integrate our website onto the internet is a challenge we face every day, especially since becoming independent, but thanks to our veteran coder and web programmer (Hi Claudio!) we think we've managed to keep Libramix at the very forefront in the cutthroat business of archival deejay mix pages from the Fraser Valley. Thanks to everyone who has put us in the "links section" of their own websites, it really makes a difference! Keep 'em comin'.

But enough with the sentimental speech, let's get to some music!

To end the year 2013 we are extremely proud and honoured to host parts one AND two of Mood Hut Mix #9 mixed "in Hut" by Dee-j Phe. You can't hear this anywhere else and as far as we are concerned, it doesn't get any hotter than this. This is 100% unreleased material from the Mood Hut. As usual, you can right click and "save as" on this mix and any mix on this page - for free! For tracklist call 1800 - DeeJPhe. Not sure if that number works but try it!

Thanks again for checkin' out Libra! See you in the new year for more interesting mixes from the Canadian Riviera.

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